Aruba Destination wedding.

What kind of Aruba Destination wedding ceremony types would you have? Legal or Symbolic?

A legal Aruba destination wedding ceremony type is when you follow the laws of the country abroad and you receive a marriage license. This type of ceremony is a civil wedding, which will require some paperwork for our officials for getting married in Aruba . A judge will marry you at the City Hall.

A symbolic wedding in Aruba has no legal recognition and it makes up to 90% of beach weddings. Typically bride & groom would file a marriage license before traveling, which will make it a smooth and easy Aruba destination wedding. Religious or non-religious weddings will be performed by a non-denominational minister with no legal binding.  

Aruba, The One Happy Island welcomes you. Updated traveler’s requirements

Same Sex

Even though same-sex couples' legal unions are not yet officially recognized, but a destination wedding ceremony is possible.

Beach symbolic wedding

Spiritual or non-commitment ceremonies are the perfect choice to personalize the ceremony type according to your beliefs.

Vow Renewal Aruba

This is a celebration for couples who would like to relive their love and reaffirm the promises made to each other on their wedding day.

Tie the Knot

It symbolizes the love for each other by tying the knot. As a couple, you intertwine the two ropes, which represent your lives into one of the strongest knots.

Sand Ceremony

Incorporate a sand ritual during your beach wedding to blend your love for each other.

Catholic church wedding

Specific requirements have to be met in order to have a Catholic wedding in Aruba

Jewish wedding

Jewish ceremonies can take place in the Synagogue or at any beach on the island.
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