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Who we are

Our website address is:

powered by: Colosal Visual Studio organization.

Location is: Tanki Leendert, Aruba


Name: John Zimmerman

What personal data do we collect and why do we collect it

In this section, we collect data from visitors who surf the site for information on behavior data, as in Analytics data. The other data we collect are from users who visit our site and include personal data, such as name, email address, information for a given service, and technical data, such as information about cookies. 

Users will fully consent for the sharing of their data when filling in our contact form, this important for the planning or sharing of business services information for given services we do to our client. If clients do not approve of our services their personal data will be deleted from our systems.

Contact Form

When submitting a contact form the persona data will be stored safely protected on our website in a secure place. The period for its existence will be Two weeks. We will keep contact form submissions for a certain period for customer services purposes, but we do not use the data information through them for marketing purposes. 



We use Analytics with our own Hosting website provider but this is anonymous analytics data, this also includes Google Analytics. Is to see the type of behavior how people navigate our site. This is also anonymous analytics data.

Who we share data with

We do not share any data or personal information with any partners, cloud base, or service providers.

How long do we retain your data

We keep contact form entries for Sic months, analytics records for a year, and customer purchase records for ten years. For our Government Tax records.

What rights you will have over your data.

Every person who submitted their personal information has the right to it upon their request. Our clients as soon as the contact form is submitted a confirmation email will be sent with the data contact form sheet we collected. A backup will safeguard for Six Months and can be resent upon request.

Where we send your data.

The data will be stored and safeguarded onto our cloud base platform account which is only accessible by us.

How we protect your data.

The measures we take to protect your data are through encryption security including factor authentification procedures and measures. The system is also programmed to notify if suspicious logs occurred and will quarantine the entire system. 

What automated decision-making and/or profiling we with your data.

We do not practice fully automated procedures on data transfer and payment, we prefer to be more organic and humanly possible on the services given and share very sensitive payment information that can be conducted by phone or once at your destination.

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